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Facial Cleansings

Fountain of Youth Facial Cleansing

60 min $90

Has complexion lost its perky perfection? This Mighty Tighty facial cleansing gives skin a wealth of vitamins that in turn bring out your natural radiance and take complexion to a state of dreamy youthdom! We help correct the signs of aging and revive tired skin with this complete facial cleansing. As your masques sit, you will also enjoy an upper and lower body massage.

Stone Ridge Refresher Facial Cleansing

60 min $85

Is skin looking a bit lackluster? Or a little rough to the touch? You're in luck. This Radiance Maker facial cleansing is designed to unearth your complexion's natural radiance with a unique plantfoliant® and 2 masks that are gentle enough to use every day. Get lost in soft! This facial cleansing is great for any skin type. It heals dry skin, helps smooth wrinkles, has anti-inflammatory properties, and brightens the skin. As your masques sits, you will also enjoy an upper and lower body massage.

Willow Tree Acres Facial Cleansing

60 min $100

This is your  skin comeback facial, starring multiple supercharged products that work together to clear active blemishes at ultra-fast speed. Gentle enough to use long-term, but powerful enough to transform skin to a smoother, calmer and more balanced state in just a few days (because active blemishes are so last week!). This Facial fights acne by purifying the pores and controlling oil production. Each formula features soothing and beneficial ingredients to restore your complexion. As your masque sits, you will enjoy an upper and lower body massage.

Eagles Nest Express Facial Cleansing

30 min $50     

Say goodbye to skin frustrations & too apparent pores and hello to the deep clean of your dreams! This Purely Degunked facial cleansing is designed to degunk and banish bacteria & oils that overstay their welcome, so you get a balanced complexion. This facial cleansing is for people on the go. It is designed to give the maximum results in the minimum amount of time. It is formulated to refresh, renew, and revitalize for a more youthful, healthy looking skin.

Chemical peel.jpg


Ash Cave Chemical Peel Facial

45 min $95    

Organic/Natural Peels are a non-invasive chemical peel that treats skin discoloration, scarring and wrinkles by dissolving cells in the top layer of the skin. As the skin peels off, new cell growth underneath is encouraged resulting in a smoother, healthier appearance.

Hide-A-Way Hills High Frequency Facial

45 min $98     

High-Frequency utilizes thermal current to treat acne, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, cellulite, and undereye circles. High-frequency devices oxygenate the skin and kill bacteria with contact. There are two types of high-frequency electrodes, argon gas, and neon gas. Argon gas is violet and is excellent for acne or oily skin. Neon gas is orange and has anti-aging benefits and skin firming capabilities.

back facial.jpg


Whispering Cave Hydration Back Cleansing

45 min $75     

Is your skin tight and dry? This back cleansing will give you the hydrating and rejuvenating feeling you have been missing. The Probiotic in our yogurt mask improves the skins natural defense barrier. This mask mixed with our three milk moisturizer leaves your skin feeling restored and soft.

Back scrub.jpg


Rock House Back Cleansing

45 min $75     

Is your back lacking it's perky perfection? Come in for our Mighty Tighty mask to bring back your natural radiance. The banana fruit powder and tumeric found in our mask brings back the elasticity and collagen in the skin leaving your back feeling toned and new.

Back scrub man.jpg


High Rock Back Facial (Acne Treatment)

45 min $85    

Is your skin congested? Do you struggle with Acne? Come in for our Salicylic Acid wash and let us detox your clogged pores. With the help of our high frequency device and manual extractions we will break down the sebum and leave your skin feeling clean and looking better.

Facial Add-Ons

Give your facial a little boost by adding one or more of these luxurious options:

- Cucumber Eye Gel (for puffy/baggy eyes)    $5

- Wild Plum Eye Cream (for dark circles under eyes)    $5

- Lip Trio (exfoliator, plumper, & balm)    $15

- Extractions    $10

- High Frequency Wand    $20

- Strawberry Gel Lip Mask $5

- Ice Globes $5

What our customers are saying

This was my first ever time getting a facial and it was an amazing experience! I felt like a big pile of glowing, relaxed goo afterwards. I highly recommend!

60 min Fountain of Youth Facial - Shelley C.

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